Do I need therapy?

by mssinglemama on December 21, 2007

My best friend, who’s also a single mother, told me yesterday that I should probably be in therapy. I have no problems with therapy. I think it works wonders for people and has for me in the past. But how will I manage the time it will take to go – and let alone find a decent therapist?

So here’s my list of what I need therapy for.

  1. My father died of cancer when he was just 51, I was 21. My mother is still nuts over it and my siblings and I are constantly wracked with guilt over what we have or have not been doing to either help her to wellness or ease her pain. (She refuses to go to therapy).
  2. My now ex-husband failed Benjamin and I but still blames me to this day for the divorce.
  3. I am a bit of a chronic dater. Is this wrong? Why am I doing it? Why do I get bored with men so quickly? Is it really because I’m deathly afraid that my man will either die on me or leave me?
  4. I am trying to raise a child by myself. That’s enough to drive anyone over the edge. I have been alone for so long that I just don’t even know how to let anyone in.

Is it in my best interest to try to sort some of these things out with a professional? Probably. Could I find one who could make house calls?

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