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December 2007

On sharing a child.

December 31, 2007

After nearly two years my son’s father has taken him for his 36 hours of visitation. (Usually he watches him at my place) Right now there’s a pit in my stomach. Not of fear. I know he will take care of him…he is after all a good father and he does love his son more […]

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A Christmas miracle…I got to go to the grocery…alone.

December 23, 2007

Yesterday morning I woke up still in a fabulous mood after an amazing night with Kris. We hadn’t had one like that in a while. I have been stressing out about our relationship and my fears have been controlling my emotions, the way I’ve been treating him – everything for the past few weeks. Read my eye-opening post on “Do I need therapy?”and you can see why…

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Who takes pictures of you?

December 23, 2007

This is one of a handful of pictures I have of Benjamin and I together. Thanks to a mirror and my wonderful camera. I snapped it just one week after leaving my ex-husband. Benjamin was just 4 months old (isn’t he a cutie!!!).Anyway, to date I have had only a few taken of us together by an outside party.

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Do I need therapy?

December 21, 2007

My best friend, who’s also a single mother, told me yesterday that I should probably be in therapy. I have no problems with therapy. I think it works wonders for people and has for me in the past. But how will I manage the time it will take to go – and let alone find a decent therapist?

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To find a prince you might have to kiss a lot of frogs.

December 15, 2007

Five months after leaving my husband and before the divorce was even final I started dating again. And now one year later I’m embarking on my first relationship post-divorce. Yes, it’s been one year of dating. I know that’s probably not what you want to hear, but minus a few bumps and bruises along the way it has been quite an adventure and what a prize at the end!

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His father wants to take him…I’m freaking out.

December 14, 2007

When I told my now ex-husband I was leaving him the first thing he argued about was the laptop computer. Then the video camera. Anything of monetary value. But, not once, not once did he fight for our son. I wanted him to. It got to the point that his complete apathy to the issue was actually a little shocking. Why wasn’t he worried about not seeing Benjamin? It’s been two years. Since then he has come only during his 36 hours of visitation. No more, no less. And he has always come to us – staying in our house.

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Online shopping – my only option.

December 12, 2007

I tried to go shopping last night…my friend offered to take Benjamin for a few hours. I thought – geez – two hours – that’s plenty of time to get some major Christmas shopping done. No way. I used to spend days shopping. Picking out the perfect presents. My shopping decisions were quick. They had to be. Time was running out. I kept looking at my clock. 15 more minutes…hurry. Who else? Who else?

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E-Harmony Really Does Suck: Worst web site of the year by Time Magazine

December 10, 2007

My experience with E-Harmony over the past year has been a continuous disappointment. I think it’s one of the biggest scams out there, preying on innocent singles who are truly looking for love. Therefore, I want to keep getting the word out there to avoid the site all together. Instead sites like Yahoo Personals and have served myself and my friends much better. Because in the end, the E-Harmony matching system is a joke.

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Sex and the City: The Movie (trailer is out!!!)

December 9, 2007

This preview seems a bit cheesy to me. No hints on the plot here other than – duh! – Carrie’s getting married. Would have at least liked to hear a few quirky one-liners or something. Just had to post this because I’m a HUGE Sex and the City fan. Do you think the movie is […]

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The Single Mama Stud of the Year award goes too…

December 8, 2007

Brad Pitt! Who recently said in a Larry King interview that he may be taking some time away from acting…that he has more important things to focus on now, i.e. the kids and his wife along with charity work. Just a little studly…don’t you agree? So I had to post this portion of the interview. […]

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