A Personals Ad that Will Make you Laugh Out Loud

by mssinglemama on October 29, 2007

Was just inspired by Clark, and and entry on his Single Dad blog to post a hilarious personal I once saw on Craigslist. It was so funny I actually e-mailed it to my sister.

Here goes:

“I stopped smoking July 1st, 2007.

I enjoy procrastinating.

I drink far less alcohol then the average person.

I don’t care for sports or animals.

I believe it’s okay to spit.

I hate studying.

I use only paper plates, disposable cups, and plasticware.

I prefer to cut my own hair.

I sleep 10-12 hrs a night.

I go to bed after midnight.

I haven’t seen my parents in ten years.

I’m very organized and neat.

I rearrange my money so that all the Presidents face the same way.

I reconsider things indefinitely before making a decision.

I like Oriental Noodle Soups.

I hate Rap/R&B.

I hate Marijuana.

I’d like to meet someone that lives close to me or has transportation. If you have personality issues please leave me alone.”

Isn’t that priceless?

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