Online Dating: Rules of Thumb

by mssinglemama on October 16, 2007

My fellow single mama friend just broke up with her boyfriend.

Trying to distract herself from the drama of yet another failed relationship – she jumped online. Online to the land of hope…where single men await by the hundreds in online personals.  I talked to her last night as she checked out profile after profile – “Oh, he’s super cute. Oh! Here’s another one! Oh my god, he just chatted me.” This morning, gave her another call, “hello???” She sounds exhausted.

“I’ve been up all night online…20 guys have e-mailed me already!” And many of them sound very promising. Her site of choice – Yahoo Personals. So… we’ll live vicariously through her for a few weeks and I’ll keep you posted. But, if she’s had that many potential matches already – that’s a damn good sign.

Some rules of thumb for online dating.

1. Your gut is far more accurate than an “advanced matching system” ever will be, so choose a site where you can control the searching. Read my review on E-harmony for more details.

2. Always meet for the first time during a lunch break. No alcohol, no hours and hours of misery. If you hit it off – then you can pay for a sitter and devote an entire evening to him.

3. Check for dates on photographs. Men aren’t stupid, they’re actually a bit crafty and may be posting pics from before they started losing their hair or gaining tons of weight. If you only like one picture out of five…go with the other four and spare yourself the embarassment of having to call it off based soley on looks.

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